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Boarding Prices

Our Boarding Facility is designed as a flexible board facility with a premium experience and nothing but the best care in the industry available.  In addition to 24×7 HD Security monitoring, the owners live onsite and are available 24×7.

For those who prefer to Self Care, we can accommodate at reduced rates, with reasonable minimum care requirements that must be adhered to.

$895/ month
Full care stall board
Sealed/impermeable floor
Dutch Doors
Ritchie Stall Waterers
Big Ass Stall Fans
Dedicated Hay & grain feeders
Auto-feeders Available (Optional – $39.95/mo)
Turnout 3-4 times per week
Blanketing as needed
24×7 on-site security & site access
$495/ month
Full care pasture board
1 Acre Paddock (Limit 3 horses) or 1/2 Acre Paddock (Limit 2 horses)
Loafing Shed in Paddock for inclement weather
Free Graze + Hay / Grain as appropriate
Blanketing as needed
24×7 on-site security & site access