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Head Trainer & General Manager

McLeod Equestrian is a family owned and operated full service stable & Event center located in Georgetown, TX.   We’ve competed in the Saddlebred Show Industry for a decade with great success in the Gaited and Walk/trot division at a World’s Championship & National Championship level.  We picked up our first Paso Fino’s in 2016 as pleasure horses & fell in love with the breed and the people we’ve met along the way.  We decided in 2018 to shift our love of the Paso into high gear and opened McLeod Equestrian with the intent to breed, train & show our Paso stock throughout the US beginning in 2020.  While we’re relative newcomers to the Paso world, we’re seasoned horse show folks & no strangers to what it takes to compete on a big stage.

In 2018, we had a full time trainer focused on problem solving and natural horsemanship, while was a lot of fun & the easy thing to do to get started, she’s since returned to her home overseas in 2019.  We focused on construction of our facility and focused on developing our string of horses to prepare for 2020.

As we go into 2020, we are intending to run a 6-8 Show schedule for the year, including Nationals.  We currently have a wonderful stallion, successful in performance and later in pleasure at a Nationals level, a multi-time national champion Fino mare & a wonderfully competitive pleasure mare ready for 2020 to help show what we can to for prospective clients.

Our breeding program, began in 2018 with our first two foals born in the spring of 2019 with an intent to selectively breed 2-3 per season.

We currently have capacity for 14 horses (7 Barn owned Paso’s currently), with construction under way to accommodate an additional 7 stalls & an engineered arena to be completed by late spring 2020.

The Position.

As the Head Trainer & General Manager, you will be the primary representative of McLeod Equestrian, responsible for the day to day management of, care & well being of our stock & facilities.  We are a small, but not inexperienced show barn, with an intent to grow the Paso Fino presence here in the Southwestern US.

You are ideally a very patient & calm trainer who understands that you need to go slow to go fast.  We do not tolerate harsh training methods.  If you are the sort that gets frustrated & takes it out on the horse instead of walking away, it’s not going to work for us.

As a key player in our operations, you will be key element in developing our brand and clientele.  We expect solid communication skills & are looking for someone hungry to be successful and join us in doing what it takes to get there.  Early on, responsibilities will be broad, as we develop our business and revenue to continue growth and hire additional help.


  • Train & Develop Customer or Barn horses for Show & Trail use.
  • Manage & Perform workout schedule for horses in training.
  • Assess & Correct Problem Behaviors.
  • Grooming & Care of horses
  • Starting our Colts
  • Provide Lessons to Amateur Riders
  • Barn Management
  • Assist with the Breeding Program Development
  • General Duties as Required


  • 8+ Years as a Paso Fino Trainer
  • Show Experience at a Nationals Level or beyond
  • Interest in building a business from the ground up
  • Interest in raising awareness of the Paso Fino
  • Barn Management Skills
  • Equine Nutrition
  • Basic Equine Medical Skills
  • Solid Communications skills
  • HS Disploma – Equine Management or related Bachelors’ degree preferred
  • References
  • Legal US Resident

Salary & Benefits

Applicants must be legally able to work in the USA & will receive a full time salary, Eligibility for an Annual Bonus, Sales Commissions & 2 weeks paid vacation per year.

Subsidized Medical Benefits will also be provided.

Salary will be determined based off experience of the candidate.


We do have a brand new, studio apartment available that can potentially be included as part of the compensation package.

Have a horse to bring?  Board can potentially be included in compensation.

Non-smoking facility. No drug use or alcohol abuse on premises, zero-tolerance policy.


Applicants must provide a resume or written summary of their experience and job history via email to   We will be conducting interviews throughout the month of January 2020, with an intent for a successful applicant to start in February 2020.