Training your horse at McLeod Equestrian is an honor and responsibility we do not take lightly.  Whether you want your horse to be your trusted, bulletproof partner on the trail, a National Champion Show Horse, better ground manners, desensitized or an expert on obstacles – we have your back!  We specialize in high impact, quality time into your horse to really transform them into your equine life partner.

Specialty Breed – The Paso Fino

While we actively work with any breed of gaited horse, you’ll find our passion when it comes to the Paso Fino, the world’s most user-friendly horse.  We actively breed and train world-class show horses and trail horses & are the #1 Paso Fino Training barn in Texas.

You choose your path!  We specialize in helping your Paso become a calm, easy & smooth gaited dream horse that you’ve always wanted on the trail.  If the show ring is more your style, we have multiple National Champion Performance, Pleasure & Fino horses in our stable and we’re always happy to help you achieve your competitive dreams & you’ll go to the shows with full stable support.  We are actively planning a full show season for 2021.


When your horse is at McLeod Equestrian, we guarantee unparalleled care.  We have expert farrier & veterinary support on staff, provide premium quality feed, hay and include a custom supplement regimen tailored to the needs of the individual horse.  You & your horse will enjoy our luxury facilities, with our climate controlled tack, lounge & event center.  Each horse concludes training with a tailored detailed before & after written report including our workout regimen we provide the owner to maintain and reinforce the horses conditioning.

Included in our monthly training fee:

  • Premium Stall board with turnout as appropriate
  • Premium Grain & Hay
  • Custom Supplement plan
  • Daily grooming & care
  • Twice daily stall maintenance
  • Custom workout schedule tuned to the development of the horse
  • Weekly private lessons for the rider on your horse (or a stable horse if your partner is in development)
  • Farrier & Veterinary expenses are not included & billed monthly

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